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Flake ice is the most versatile and efficient ice for businesses. We’re here to lay out the facts about flake ice and what it means for you and your business.

Cube, pebble, chip, crushed. There are plenty of ice types to choose from, but flake ice might be the most versatile and efficient ice out there for businesses. So what sets flake ice apart from the pack? What is flake ice designed to do, and what can it do for you? We get it, you have lots of questions. So we’re here to lay out the cold hard facts about flake ice and what it means for you and your business.

What Is Flake Ice?

Let’s start with the basics. Flake ice is a dry, moldable form of ice that feels more like powdery snow than your standard cubed ice or ice chips. Don’t let that snowy texture fool you, though. When you’re holding a handful of flake ice, you’re holding a handful of frozen potential. Ice flakes have a flat surface, meaning they provide the most contact area of any ice type. Translation: if there was a contest for ice types with the most surface area, flake ice would come in first place.

What Flake Ice Can Do

Part of what makes flake ice so special is its versatility and efficiency. That’s why businesses and industries across the product and service spectrum rely on it daily. Want to learn how flake ice is used? We covered how flake ice (also known as chip ice) is used in a previous blog. For now, let’s explore what flake ice can do. 

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A Quick Cool

Flake ice is the best ice on the market for cooling products fast and keeping them colder for longer. You might find this hard to believe since ice flakes are small and powdery. Shouldn’t a giant ice block be the most efficient way to keep products cool? As it turns out, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to ice. 

Remember we said flake ice is flat and thin with lots of surface area? Put on your science caps for a moment. Heat transfer occurs when ice melts, and thin flakes of ice melt pretty quickly. So the faster flake ice melts, the faster it pulls heat away from your product. That’s how flake ice is so efficient at cooling products and keeping them colder, longer. Flake ice may be small, but it delivers big results.

Packs and Protects

Not only is flake ice the best ice for keeping products cool, it can also protect products from damage. Flake ice packs well and can be molded into and around lots of different shapes. So even as it cools the product, flake ice is working overtime to cushion and protect against damage, too. Since flake ice is flat, there are no sharp edges and jagged points to damage delicate products.

In fact, flake ice was created with this application in mind. Businesses needed better ice that wouldn’t damage their products, so flake ice was the solution. It’s the best in the business at packing tightly and protecting rightly.

Reduces Water Waste

Waste not, want not. Flake ice machines optimize water usage by recycling all unfrozen water back into the ice maker so no water goes to waste. This design ensures that all water is converted to ice while saving water resources. Less wasted water means your business saves money, one ice flake at a time. And that’s what we call good business!

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